Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poblano's Mexican Grill in Lawrenceville (near Snellville)

Last night, Hubs and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary by going out to eat at Poblano's Mexican Grill. Can you believe someone could live with an artist for that long?!? LOL!

If you are a fan of the restaurant On The Border Tex-Mex and you haven't tried Poblano's, give them a try. (On The Border near Gwinnett Place Mall is better than the location near us on Scenic Highway, by the way).

I would say that the difference between Poblano's and On The Border is that - although clearly "Americanized," Poblano's is more authentic Mexican food. On The Border is cookie-cutter, chain-like, with a more manufactured feel to it) ... some people like that though.

I liked my food at Poblano's very much. The plate was a good twelve inches long. Some places use a huge platter and spread the food out on it a lot, to make it appear like it's a huge amount of food. But this WAS truly a large amount of food. I had to walk around the parking lot for awhile before getting in the car. I ate too much! I ordered the #26 Combination, ($7.75) which was one burrito, one enchilada, rice, and beans. The burrito had a lot of ground beef in it. The rice was Spanish rice, and the beans were refried with queso cheese topping. It was all cooked and presented nicely.

As you might expect, tortilla chips and salsa are served as an appetizer.

Poblano's Mexican Grill is located at 1319 Scenic Highway, Lawrenceville. The restaurant has been at this location for about 2 years. From Snellville, get on Highway 124/Scenic Highway and drive toward Lawrenceville, and the restaurant is on your left, across from The Avenue at Webb Gin. These restaurants were built just a hair outside the Snellville city limits, probably so they could avoid Snellville's liquor laws.

I couldn't find a website for Poblano's, but there are a few reviews on Kudzu you can read here.

Menu overview:

Desserts run from $2.50 to $3.75 and they have Sopapilla, Flan, Fried Ice Cream, Fired Banana Burrito, Choco Taco, Churros, Xango (tortilla filled with cheesecake and deep fried), and Tres Leches (I have no idea, I would guess '3 milks'?)
It might be fun to go there just for dessert sometime.

Lunch entrees run from $4.25 to $6.50

Extra shredded cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, Pico de Gallo, etc are. 75 cents.

For larger appetites, they have 30 Combination meals all priced at $7.75

Fajitas start at $7.75 for the smaller lunch-style fajitas, to $21.95 for Fajitas for Two people.

The menu is also sorted by type of meat, so if you are in the mood for Chicken, Steak or Pork, you can easily find what you might enjoy.

If you have a small appetite, you might want to order something from the Side Orders, which run from .20 cents for tortillas to $3.75 for Bean Tostaguac.

At the front desk, you can pick up a menu to keep, which would be convenient for calling in or faxing an order. (What, you think I memorized all this? ;-)

The restaurant's phone number is 770-979-9490. To fax the restaurant, use 770-979-9590.

Poblano's isn't named after a person. Merriam-Webster says "A Poblano is a large, usually mild heart-shaped chili pepper especially when fresh and dark green." The origins of the word:
Mexican Spanish (chile) poblano, literally, chili pepper of Puebla (Mexico)

Bottom line:
Good value for the money. Don't order too much, don't be a glutton and eat too fast like I do, or you will need two Tums and a walk after dinner.

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David Myers said...


My personal take on Poblano's is just about 100% opposite yours. I spent many years in Texas, and my take on the Atlanta Mexican scene is that it is dominated by a series of restaurants that have almost the exact same menu. They have the same dishes, the same combos (Speedy Gonzales .. never saw it until I came to Atlanta. Crazy Taco, the same), the same specials. Poblanos has little to distinguish it from Frontera's and a score of nameless other restaurants in the Atlanta area.

To be fair, Poblanos does have a few interesting dishes that are not seen any place else. Making guacamole salad at your table is a nice touch. The hot pot dishes are something I haven't seen before. It is cheap and the food is reasonable. No complaints there.

But by contrast, there really is no overlap between the menu of "On the Border" and any other restaurant in town. On the Border's chile rellenos are actually chili rellenos, as opposed to a strip of pepper with some meat and cheese in between. And if you look at a more serious Mexican restaurant (such as Lilburn's Tacqueria los Hermanos) then there is no comparison at all.