Friday, December 28, 2007

Arby's Restaurant Snellville GA

A few weeks ago I visited Arby's in Snellville (this was before I started blogging about food places in Snellville here, otherwise I would have more details for you.)

Hubs wanted to try the new toasted sub sandwiches that had been advertised. I walked in feeling secure in my decision to order the classic Arby's Roast Beef sandwich. I hadn't had one in a while, and why mess with a good thing.

But when I got to the counter and saw that they have a meatball sub, I thought that I would give it a try, so I could compare to the Subway meatball sub that I like.

All I can say, and this is just my opinion, mind you - but if you go to Arby's just stick with the classic Roast Beef sandwiches... they're what they do best.

The meatball sub at Arby's had to be the messiest nightmare of a sandwich I have ever eaten.
Good thing I had nothing else planned for the day and I could go straight home. It was extremely messy if you catch my drift.

On top of that, it really just didn't taste all that great. It wasn't horrible, but the middle of it was cold. I tend to be a cautious about undercooked food, and it makes me paranoid that I will spend the rest of the day praying at the white porcelain altar, so that visual kind of ruins the meal for me.

I can't remember what Hubs had, but it was not a great sandwich for him either (he also had something off the new offerings menu like I did)

The drinks were great, the restaurant is nice and clean, and I would really rate the ladies who were working the counter that day as exceptionally nice. So I hate to say anything bad about the sandwiches, but there you are.

I think that restaurants should stick to what they do best, and it's just too difficult for staff to learn new menu changes at the speed that management expects.

Interesting trivia: Arby's is headquartered in Dunwoody GA.

Arby's website

The Arby's in Snellville is located at 2697 Main Street, Snellville GA 30078
Phone number is 404-979-9199

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